NRA Questionnaire

Responsible Gun Owners nationwide agree that we should strengthen background checks, and permit additional requirements and ‘hurdles’ to legal gun ownership…

End of Session Recap

Here’s a brief rundown of the wins #ourmovement was able to score during the Maryland General Assembly 2018, and a link to the full End of Session Report

thoughts and prayers


Y’all: we know thoughts & prayers don’t do anything. we know that right now, we need leaders taking action. we know that too often, people stop making noise just a …

Baltimore City Women’s Commission

The Mayor’s Office & City Council are seeking candidates to serve on the Baltimore City Commission for Women (“Women’s Commission”). The Women’s Commission will be an inclusive community resource comprised of individuals who believe in equal rights, opportunities, and access to services for all women.

Door Stories: Week of December 4th, 2017

This weekend, I knocked on Rachel & Jason’s door in the Baltimore Highlands neighborhood. They are homeowners here in Baltimore, and we talked through their concerns about public safety. I believe that no one should live in a neighborhood where gun shots and related violence are common occurrences. In spite of the challenges their neighborhood faces, Rachel & Jason are committed to staying in Baltimore and improving their community.