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Our moment

I am honored to serve as your Delegate and humbled by the awesome responsibility before me at this time of peril and uncertainty in our country. I’m also fortunate to be a member of Team 46 with Delegate Luke Clippinger, Delegate Brooke Lierman, and Senate President Bill Ferguson. These committed, experienced leaders have encouraged and supported me from the start. Each day I rise with the people’s business on the top of my to-do list. There is nothing else I’d rather do!

Robbyn’s Story

My parents made sure that my sisters and I had open minds and open hearts. They sent us to Hebrew Day School so that we could understand different religions, and learn to recognize the struggles of other people. They encouraged us to travel; I have lived and worked in a dozen countries around the world, and have never met a stranger. My parents also taught us that charity begins at home; I’ve devoted my hands and heart to serve my community every day.

My family legacy of courage and service animates everything I do. I live this legacy every day, in my profession and in my community, in acts large and small. At the global scale, my work in cervical cancer prevention helped change the World Health Organization’s recommendations on screening for that disease. And locally, my leadership in community greening increased my neighborhood’s tree canopy from 3% to 20%, not only beautifying our streets but also improving health metrics like air quality. I’m a good neighbor — the person who picks up trash in the street, or holds your Amazon package, helps plant a tree, and visits with you in a time of need. I care about people, and I get stuff done.


Robbyn’s Vision

Baltimore is a dynamic city with a complex history. We were once a center of industry, the home of “makers”, a place of opportunity for so many. We can be that city again — and we can do it even better this time. Our future lies in our commitment to creating opportunity for all people in our city, black, white, and brown, no matter where they were born or what faith they practice; we will accept nothing less.

I envision a Baltimore where every child is well educated and prepared to contribute meaningfully to the community. I envision a Baltimore in which its easy to get from home to your school, university or job without being dependent on owning a car, a city free of gun violence and hopelessness, where the fit and able can find good jobs, and where we care for those who need help. I envision a green city with clean streets and clean air in every single neighborhood. Where, despite our differences, we work together for the greater good. I envision a city that I will be proud to pass on to the next generation. I hope you’ll join me in working for this vision.



As your delegate in 2020

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Robbyn’s Round Up: Crossover

Crossover is the “hump day” of the legislative session. Bills that pass by Crossover – which was March 22nd this year – are guaranteed a hearing in the opposite chamber. The House of Delegates passed so many important bills that crossed over to the Senate. I’m pleased that all but one of my bills made it, too.