Del. Lewis with a group of 20 bicyclists and children on Monument Street

Livable Streets Coalition

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The Livable Streets Coalition is a network of residents and stakeholders working to improve quality of life by:

  • calming traffic
  • increasing pedestrian safety; and
  • strengthening collaboration across racial, language, economic and neighborhood boundaries.
Woman speaking at Livable Streets meeting
Volunteer at Livable Streets table at event in Library Square
An illustration of mobility principles

The Coalition was convened in October 2019 by Del. Robbyn Lewis to create a platform for resolving conflicts about community development, specifically with respect to cars, transit and street conditions.

Originally established as an advisory group of residents and neighborhood associations close to the Fayette/Orleans road corridors, the group has since evolved into a broad coalition, including schools and non-profits, anywhere that people are interested in creating healthier communities.

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The Livable Streets Coalition is managed and resourced solely by Del. Robbyn Lewis.