Robbyn’s Round Up: Week 9

Time flies when hard work is being done. Here’s what’s been happening in the past couple of weeks!  

Time flies when hard work is being done. Here’s what’s been happening in the past couple of weeks!  

Stop Medical Debt Lawsuits!

On February 28th, my medical debt bill (HB1420) was heard in the Health & Government Operations Committee. Patients, doctors and advocates shared personal stories.

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Pictured above: D-46 Constituents Josh and Nat from National Nurses United

Delegate Lorig Charkoudian also introduced a related bill that will stop predatory medical debt collections. Stay tuned for updates on these important bills!

Click here to view and track HB1420 through the legislative process

Team 46 Annual Town Hall

On February 22nd, Team 46 held our annual Legislative Town Hall meeting.

I and my colleagues, Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Luke Clippinger and Delegate Brooke Lierman, had the great opportunity to meet with over 100 constituents. We were able to touch on some core issues that we have been fighting for!


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Transit Caucus Night in Annapolis

On February 12th, the first ever Transit Caucus Night was held in Annapolis. Advocates came from all over—from as far south as Charles county, as far north as Towson and everywhere in between.

Access to quality public transit is one of Maryland’s most important issues. The 40+ Delegates and Senators of Maryland Transit Caucus are committed to creating an equitable, sustainable, world class mobility system that serves all people in Maryland.

I met with Marylanders like Mr. Bung (pictured above), who lives in Howard County and works in northeast Baltimore. It shouldn’t be a two hour trip, but it is. He depends on MTA Mobility Transport to get to work, but that service is frequently slow, indirect and unreliable. Improving mobility equity is a priority for the Delegates and Senators in the Transit Caucus.

Thanks to Delegate Brooke Lierman (D-46) for leading the creation of this important Caucus.

Follow Transit Caucus’ priority bills:

  • Transit Safety & Investment Act HB368 – Delegate Lierman
  • P3 Oversight & Reform HB1424 – Delegate Solomon
  • Pedestrian Safety Act HB973 – Delegate Stewart
  • Southern Maryland Transit Project SB105 – Senator Ellis
  • Western Maryland Transit Study HB1367 – Delegate Corderman

Constituent Services in Brooklyn

A few months ago, a constituent in the Brooklyn neighborhood, contacted me to ask for help. 

She said, “I’m a senior citizen, retired after working hard my whole life, my health isn’t great anymore. For years I’ve asked anyone who would listen to please repair my street, full of potholes and cracks. Great big trucks shouldn’t drive on it, but they do, tearing up the street even more. No one has listened. No one has responded. All I want is to have my street repaired before I leave this Earth.” 

Since her call for help, my staff and I have been working with the Baltimore Department of Transportation (BCDOT) to get this done. Mr. Liam Davis, Legislative Affairs Manager for the BCDOT, joined me for a site visit to Chesapeake Road on February 22nd. We sat and talked with the constituent and surveyed the road damage. Stay tuned for updates.

Pictured above: Delegate Lewis and Liam Davis inspecting Chesapeake Ave.

Upcoming Events

Delegate Scholarships

My office will be accepting scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year through April 15, 2020! Any high school senior, current college student or graduate student who lives in District 46 is eligible—Click Here to Apply!

Livable Streets Meetings

Back in Baltimore, I am working to improve the quality of life on our neighborhood streets. Livable streets are healthy, safe, and pleasant.

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