My parents made sure that my sisters and I had open minds and open hearts. They sent us to Hebrew Day School so that we could understand different religions, and learn to recognize the struggles of other people. They encouraged us to travel; I have lived and worked in a dozen countries around the world, and have never met a stranger. My parents also taught us that charity begins at home; I’ve devoted my hands and heart to serve my community every day.

My family legacy of courage and service animates everything I do. I live this legacy every day, in my profession and in my community, in acts large and small. At the global scale, my work in cervical cancer prevention helped change the World Health Organization’s recommendations on screening for that disease. And locally, my leadership in community greening increased my neighborhood’s tree canopy from 3% to 20%, not only beautifying our streets but also improving health metrics like air quality. I’m a good neighbor — the person who picks up trash in the street, or holds your Amazon package, helps plant a tree, and visits with you in a time of need. I care about people, and I get stuff done.

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