End of Session Recap

Here’s a brief rundown of the wins #ourmovement was able to score during the Maryland General Assembly 2018:


Public Health

I’m most proud of the work we did to save the Affordable Care Act and individual market for Marylanders this year. I co-sponsored legislation to protect access to health insurance and reduce premiums. That bill also includes a provision seeking to offer my Basic Health Plan, to help hardworking Marylanders in the affordability gap find coverage. This bill was signed into law on April 10th. We also overrode the governor’s veto to provide earned sick leave to 700,000 people in Maryland who have suffered too long without it.

As a component of public health, we know we must treat violence in our City like a public health crisis. Treating only symptoms of this sickness has been proven time and again to be a short-sighted and short term solution. Using Baltimore PROSPERS as a guide, we were able to coordinate long, short, and immediate strategies to cure the root causes of violence in Baltimore.

Alongside Team46 – Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Luke Clippinger, Delegate Brooke Lierman, and I fought to secure $11.7 million for evidence-based violence intervention and prevention programs like Safe Streets.

Restoring trust between the community and law enforcement is another important step to building better communities. That is why we passed legislation to investigate and address corruption in the Baltimore Police Department.

Public Education

Education was another top priority for our movement during the 2018 legislative session. Our schools’ failing infrastructure demanded action which Team46 delivered for Baltimore’s students.

We increased state funding to school construction by $150 million a year, up to $400 million total. As Senator Ferguson likes to say, The  Kirwan Commission provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our City to create the equitable, fair funding formula our students deserve.

Public Transit


It was absolutely unacceptable for the Baltimore metro to shut down without notice earlier this year. I was proud to work alongside Delegate Brooke Lierman to dedicate $178 million for improved transit in the Greater Baltimore Region over the next three years.

It is also imperative that our bus system operate effectively and efficiently, which is why I sponsored a bill to enforce existing law around dedicated bus lanes, which sought to prevent delays due to illegal parking, stopping, and driving by motorists in bus lanes.