Robbyn’s Round Up: Week 10


Every ten years in the United States, we count everybody! This is the way the federal government decides how much funding to give states for schools, health care, clean air and water, public safety and more.

In Baltimore, it is absolutely critical that everyone gets counted! No matter your age, your country of birth, your immigration status—no matter what! There is NO citizenship question on the census. The 2020 Census starts soon—beginning in mid-March, many people will receive a mailer explaining how to complete the private, confidential census questionnaire. For the first time, the census form can also be completed online.

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Staying Healthy – Coronavirus

Every day, more news emerges about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As members of the Maryland General Assembly, we receive briefings and updates from the state Maryland Department of Health regarding their comprehensive response. I urge you to check the Department’s Coronavirus Information Page regularly and share the information. And remember to wash your hands often!


On March 6th, the House of Delegates passed HB1300, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. This bill will ensure that every child in Maryland will receive a world-class education, no matter their zip code or genetic code.  

Pictured Above: Pre-schoolers reading with teacher in Baltimore

The Blueprint provides universal pre-K for all 4-year olds, increases teachers’ pay and distributes resources equitably to children who need it most. Our kids can’t wait. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.

Improving Transit Service – Bus Lane Enforcement

Traffic congestion, air pollution, childhood asthma, injury and death from car crashes, noise and stress, climate change—all of these problems arise from our dependence on cars to get around our city. And if you don’t own a car, like around 30% of Baltimoreans, your ability to access jobs, education and healthcare is limited because our city’s transit system is not as great as it could be, due to decades of underfunding and lack of political will. 

As the only car-free legislator in the Maryland General Assembly, I understand what it’s like to depend on the bus. I think about this stuff a lot.

Pictured Above: Delegate Lewis riding the MTA bus!

Better bus service will help address all of these problems! One bus can replace 40 cars, reducing traffic, air pollution and more! Better bus service will allow more folks to get out of their cars and will expand access to education and employment for so many others.

That’s why I’ve spent two years working on legislation to improve Baltimore’s bus service. The secret to better bus service is frequency, and the way to achieve that is to give buses their own lanes—dedicated bus lanes!

Pictured Above:  Dedicated Bus Lane on Baltimore Street

Last year, I passed a bill to study best practices for bus lanes. This year, my bill, HB1492, will improve bus service by protecting the lanes with stationary camera enforcement. But I need your help to pass this bill!

Pictured Above: Delegate Lewis, Steve Sharkey (Director, City DOT), Charles Penny (Transit Bureau Chief, City DOT), Graham Young (Complete Streets Manager, City DOT), Sgt. Paul McMillian (Traffic Investigations Section, BPD), Toby Goodwin (Safety Division Chief, City DOT), and Charles Turner (ATVES Division Chief, City DOT)

Please call or email your Delegates who serve on the House Environment & Transportation Committee (find them here) and ask them to please vote yes! You can track the bill here.

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Delegate Scholarships

My office will be accepting scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year through April 15, 2020! Any high school senior, current college student or graduate student who lives in District 46 is eligible—Click Here to Apply! {{OrganizationAddress}}{{CF:Disclaimer,DefaultTo=By Authority: Friends of Robbyn Lewis, Tracey Lynn Lewis, Treasurer}}If you do not wish to receive legislative updates during session, please click here to unsubscribe. {{UnsubscribeLink}}