Baltimore is a dynamic city with a complex history. We were once a center of industry, the home of “makers”, a place of opportunity for so many. We can be that city again — and we can do it even better this time. Our future lies in our commitment to creating opportunity for all people in our city, black, white, and brown, no matter where they were born or what faith they practice; we will accept nothing less.

I envision a Baltimore where every child is well educated and prepared to contribute meaningfully to the community. I envision a Baltimore in which its easy to get from home to your school, university or job without being dependent on owning a car, a city free of gun violence and hopelessness, where the fit and able can find good jobs, and where we care for those who need help. I envision a green city with clean streets and clean air in every single neighborhood. Where, despite our differences, we work together for the greater good. I envision a city that I will be proud to pass on to the next generation. I hope you’ll join me in working for this vision.