Door Stories: Week of December 4th, 2017

This weekend, I knocked on Rachel & Jason’s door in the Baltimore Highlands neighborhood. They are homeowners here in Baltimore, and we talked through their concerns about public safety. I believe that no one should live in a neighborhood where gun shots and related violence are common occurrences. In spite of the challenges their neighborhood faces, Rachel & Jason are committed to staying in Baltimore and improving their community.

I, along with the other members of Team 46, share Rachel & Jason’s concerns about public safety. In fact, this past summer, we put forth #BaltimorePROSPERS: a comprehensive plan to stem the dire tide of violence in #ourcity.
I’m committed to communities that are healthy, greener, and more livable, and I know the role public safety plays in creating that kind of neighborhood. Join Rachel, Jason, and I in #ourmovement as we commit to a better Baltimore.